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How to Grow Canterbury Bell Flowers

I have been dividing and starting perennials from seed this week. Its a great time to work on collecting new flowers for the following year. By starting perennials from seed in the fall you will have plants that are ready to bloom next year. The plants will be small with only a years growth but they will have flowers – if you start them in the fall. And if you start them early enough (4 to 6 weeks) before frost they will have started to...

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Fall Lasagna Gardening

For a fast fall garden the lasagna garden may be the garden style that will fit your plan the easiest and produce a small and fast garden area. With a lasagna garden you can use an area of the yard that would normally be difficult to till or prepare the soil to grow great plants. This can be a grassed-over area of your yard, a rocky spot where nothing will grow or an area where the soil is too difficult to turn over. Lasagna gardening is also...

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