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Prepare your Garden beds in the Fall

This is one of the best times to prepare a new garden bed or put to rest areas of your garden that may be done for the season. By preparing your garden bed now, you will be ready for an early spring or that first crop of spring peas. I don’t know about you, but digging the garden bed in April is challenging here. It’s either to wet or too cold. So the “prepared bed” solves this problem. If you’re putting to “rest” a section of...

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Fall Gardening chores interrupted.

It was a beautiful day in NW PA. The leaves are just past their peak, but still beautiful and almost haunting in their appearance. As I was doing outdoor chores and picking up the yard and gardens and preparing them for winter I was distracted by last years gourd collection. The gourds were dry early this summer and I cut and cleaned the interiors about a month ago. I have about 20 I have selected for bird feeders or for hanging plants. I still...

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