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The Colors of Fall

This time of the year in NW Pa is a photo every moment. From yellow to red, orange and then brown, the leaves create a scene, which stays with you through late fall and into winter. Add the wild flowers, fading fall flowers, pumpkins and gourds and fall is a relaxing time to enjoy nature and family. This you tube captures the beauty of the season. Enjoy the fall season. Here in NW Pa its at its peak and will soon disappear until next...

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Collecting Fall leaves for crafting uses

Leaves will be turning in NW Pa in the next few weeks and across many of the other states. Fall is both a beautiful time and a great time to use those leaves for the garden, yard and crafting uses. Leaves can make a wonderful addition to many craft projects and artwork. Colorful fall leaves are a great addition to projects, but green leaves also have many crafting uses. One of the most popular ways that leaves are used is by drying them to use...

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NW Pa’s First snowfall?

They are calling for our first light snow fall tomorrow and Friday. I don’t have all the outdoor garden chores done plus I am really not ready for winter weather so I hope they are wrong. Mid October seems too early for a snowfall although I know we usually have a few warning snowfalls before winter sets in. The leaves are still hanging on the trees and hopefully we will enjoy their beauty for a few more days after our taste of winter...

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