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Tips for a Easy and beautiful Flower Gardens

With a few simple techniques your flower garden will be healthy and beautiful. And with all gardens keeping your garden as simple as possible so that you will enjoy its beauty is the most important step to take. photo credit: kabils Steps for a successful flower garden Your flower garden area must have an adequate fertile soil, sunlight, and water. If you lack any of these three important elements, your garden will not thrive. So when planning...

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Perennial Gardening Business: Free Plants

At this time last year I decided to start a perennial gardening business. I wanted to make better use of my backyard plus I am plant addicted and feel you really can’t have enough plants. photo credit: cliff1066 During the summer I collected plants and in the fall I set up a starter garden for the perennials. Theses were for the plants I bought, found or traded for. I divided the perennials that you divide in the fall and covered the soil...

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