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Small Space Flower Garden Ideas

Garden planning will help make any garden a success and easier to maintain. To create a small area flower garden that is easy to care for but makes a statement can be planned in one day and planted in a few hours if you use bedding plants. A few questions to ask yourself are: Where are you going to plant it? Do you have the garden equipment to do so? How big do you want your garden to be? When do flowers bloom and what are their heights? There...

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Plant a Flower Garden for Less Than Ten Dollars

Flower transplants have gone up in price in the last few years and with the economy struggling you may want to cut back on flower garden prices. There are several ways to cut costs but still have a beautiful flower garden. I have always had the thought that if you save money in one area in the garden, you can spend it in another ;). So saving money may actually get me more flowers in the long run! Cost cutting tips for the flower garden Easy to...

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