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Plant a Flower Garden for Less Than Ten Dollars

Flower transplants have gone up in price in the last few years and with the economy struggling you may want to cut back on flower garden prices. There are several ways to cut costs but still have a beautiful flower garden. I have always had the thought that if you save money in one area in the garden, you can spend it in another ;). So saving money may actually get me more flowers in the long run! Cost cutting tips for the flower garden Easy to...

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How to Compost Leaves

Fall is the time to prepare your gardens for next year. By preparing you garden areas this year you can improve the soil and also take advantage of many of mother natures free mulching materials. My favorite mulch in the fall are leaves, and they are plentiful, even in a city. I have many trees but still call the local town and have several piles of leaves dropped off so that I can let them set and turn into leaf mold (A name for decomposed...

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Save money on fall plants and shrubs: Part one

Fall is the time to look for plants, trees and shrubs. At this time of year you can save money on plants that nurseries and garden center so not want to over-winter. The plants have usually been picked over so make sure that the plant is healthy and have not suffered neglect. photo credit: Putneypics If the plant looks healthy and meets your yards requirements, take it home and plantĀ  as soon as possible. With shrubs and trees I plant the...

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Frugal Gardening. Save Money on fall plants

Late summer or early fall is a wonderful time for buying annual and perennial flowers. photo credit: SearchNetMedia I spent $10 today and came home with an entire car full of plants. I picked up 17 different varieties of annuals and several annuals can be over-wintered. I also have 6 varieties of perennials and 8 varieties of herbs. Annual flowers are almost out of season so garden centers offer discount prices. The flowers may be stunted...

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