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The humble origins of the garden hammock

by edgar shun The hammock is believed to have been conceived in South America over 900 years ago. photo credit: Living in Monrovia Even though there is no hard evidence many believe that the first hammocks were made using the bark of the hamak tree and this is how the hammock was named. As soon as Christopher Columbus landed on the Bahamas he could see the versatility of the hammock and promptly brought the idea back to Spain where it went...

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Heirloom Seeds: Vine Peach, a historical fruit for the garden

My garden always has several unique crops, usually heirloom seeds that were popular many years ago and that have a history. It adds fun to the garden to try these new crops plus sometimes you find a great crop that adds to your kitchen table or crafting projects. photo credit: Jonathan Shield Several years ago I heard of the “Vine Peach.” It’s a seed that is more difficult to find. Heirloom seed catalogs and specialty seed catalogs carry...

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How to Grow Peach Vine Fruit in your garden.

I heard rumors of a plant called the Peach Vine that was a fruit that you grew from seed in your garden. I wasn’t sure if this was true or a garden myth but if this plant existed I had to grow it in my garden! photo credit: wolfpix The search was on for more information and the seeds. I found the seeds in Burgess seed catalog and placed an order. The garden would have a new fun plant! Growing a new plant or crop is always an adventure....

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Theme Gardens – Labyrinth offers Journey to our inner-self

Everyone has a path in life. We take twists and turns along our journey often not knowing what lies around the next bend but once we start there is only one way to go, forward. photo credit: xmacex A labyrinth is an ancient symbol dating back over 3000 years. It relates to wholeness and combines the image of a circle and a spiral into what looks like a wandering path. This path represents a journey to our center, who we are, and will return...

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