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Controlling Powdery Mildew Organically

Powdery mildew is a problem that plagues many gardens. With a little planning and a careful eye on the garden you can stop this problem or end it quickly if it occurs. The fungus “powdery mildew” loves warm, humid conditions. University research has shown that both sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and potassium bicarbonate are quite effective as sprays against mildew and many other plant diseases. I read about using baking Soda for mildew...

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Successful Urban gardening in the front yard

Many people have decided to raise a garden is small space or an urban setting. The reasoning for this is better quality food, going green and helping our environment and saving money. Creating a garden in urban areas can tend to be a challenge due to lack of space. But with proper planning its amazing what you can grow in small spaces. You will find that many gardeners have become quite creative in making use on any available space. Those who...

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Garden Planning for January using Small Space Gardening and Recession Gardening

As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, I look more to garden planning for the next year. In my Zone 5 climate gardening is usually in the planning only stage in December and January.  But this year will be different. For 2010 recession gardening and perennial gardening will become a more important part of my garden plans. Community gardening has always been an interest to me and recently Recession Gardens their benefits for our health, environment and...

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Garden tools: The Priceless Potting Table

Gardening is simplified when you have a workspace. A practical garden tool is the addition of as a potting bench or potting table for the pots, manures, garden sprays and other garden mixes. It also serves as temporary storage for garden supplies.  My gardening bench is my work area and even a place to relax and enjoy my plants. This is also the area where I plan the garden activities and garden and backyard design. Your garden potting table...

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How to Slow Water Your Plants during a drought

This year I am suffering from way too much rain but I remember years when we had drought. Over the last few years I have set up many of my garden areas and landscaping to conserve on watering. photo credit: dlisbona When the garden season begins you never know what Mother Nature has planned so my motto is “be prepared!” Setting your garden up for drought conditions can be done by using mulch or planting in containers so that they...

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