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Add a Meditation Garden to your yard. Make your own Utopia.

Meditation gardens add a relaxing feel to your yard and are wonderful for parties and watching birds, sunrises and sunsets. Meditation gardens should be set up with relaxing colors and fragrant flowers. A fountain is also a nice touch. photo credit: erix! As with any garden I put in, a meditation garden should be easy to maintain. You want to spend you time enjoying the garden not weeding and watering. When setting up a meditation garden keep...

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Theme Gardens – Labyrinths – Walking a Labyrinth

Many people would ask, why walk a Labyrinth? photo credit: Zesmerelda I would answer because it’s fun and relaxing. It’s always different and depending which labyrinth you walk its very scenic. Most Labyrinths are located outdoors but many are inside. Quite a few are located in churches. The history of labyrinths goes far back and is amazing and rather mystical. How do you walk a Labyrinth? A Labyrinth is very easy to walk. There...

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Flower Therapy – An Approach to the “Art of Healing”

Exercise, fresh air and watching plants grow are only a few of the relaxing healthy benefits of gardening. And with flower gardening you have the beautiful colors and aroma that is relaxing after a stressful day. For me the challenge of laying out gardens and combining color, shape and textures add to the enjoyment. Throw in different and unusual plants and garden art pieces and a trip to the garden becomes an adventure. By bringing in plants or...

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