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Children and Gardening

Why would you want to interest your child in gardening? photo credit: elemenous Because children learn about plants, caring for plants and responsibility when they garden. They also have fun and it’s time you can share together as a family. They also get a feeling of achievement when their plants do well. You can interest your child in gardening by letting them grow their favorite plants and vegetable. You can also take them to the store...

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Garden Art – Tips and Ideas – Mailbox Storage

I often use a mailbox in my larger gardens. It makes a cute garden art piece and serves a function too. I pick up my used mailboxes at auctions, garage sales, or even along curbsides. The older boxes  add to the artistic look I want in the garden areas. I make sure the mailbox works and opens and closes properly. It’s a great place to store a small notebook for planting tips and planting dates small hammer small stakes string seeds that...

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Garden Journals – Tips and Succesful Techniques

Keeping  a Garden Journal is a way to keep track of your successes and even yard and garden history. You can keep a record of your garden planting layouts to practice crop rotation, evaluate how you use your space and write down your successes and areas where you would like to see improvement. If you found a short cut or valuable growing tip make sure you write it down. I use a garden planner called...

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