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Create you own Garden Trellis

Garden trellises happen to be one of my favorite garden tools. It seems funny to consider a trellis a garden tool when it adds beauty and charm to a garden or backyard area but trellises serve many valuable purposes. photo credit: Jellaluna By using a trellis you can add beauty and color to an otherwise unusable area. You can also grow plants vertically to save space, add privacy and prevent plant insects and disease. Another use for a garden...

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Create a Garden Trellis with Sunflower Stalks

Sunflowers add to any garden with their bright colors and sunny inspiration. Besides being easy to use they make a great cut flower. They come in a variety of colors and grow as small as two foot to as tall as 15 foot. photo credit: blair_25 Sunflowers are always a part of my gardens. I have planted sunflower mazes, sunflower houses, and sunflower tunnels. These gardens have been favorites in the neighborhood, and with the birds! Sunflowers...

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