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Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Birdfeeder: 5 Tips to Ensure Success

Taking care of our feathered friends has been a passion of man’s for the past 150 years. That tradition can continue today. Just set up the bird feeder and sit back on an outdoor patio storage bench to enjoy nature without interfering. You might even be able to inspire a child to take an interest in the great outdoors. Plus, the birds may just “tweet” a thank you too. Considering that there are over 100 species in North America that visit...

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The Advantages of Fall Tilling for Gardens

Tilling a garden in the spring is a “must” for many gardeners. But fall is also a perfect time for tilling the garden area. If you choose to till in the fall the best time is right before the first frost. By tilling the garden in the fall you will work in any leftover and healthy garden matter. You can add compost, fertilizer, leaves, straw or peat moss. These materials will have all winter and early spring to add more nutrients to...

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Tips on How to use a Root Cellar

It’s the end of the growing season for most of us so its time to plan how to properly store your garden produce. Many people can and freeze produce but a root cellar is another practical and economical way to store food. Here are tips to ensure to ensure that your fruits and vegetables survive storage. 1.  Stock your cellar as late in the season as you can. For me, in my zone 5 climate, this is late September and October. If possible, chill...

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Three Easy Tips for Successful Container Gardening

Here are several useful tips for creating a hanging basket or container pot. I also use these techniques for my indoor container gardens and windowsill plants too. Soil is always the key to a healthy plant. For containers and hanging baskets use an artificial soil composed mostly of peat moss.  Good soils such as Fafard or Pro-Mix use perlite, peat, and other ingredients to produce a soil that will not compact over the summer.  I also use...

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