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Small Space Garden Design Trends

  In the recent year the look of the backyard and garden area has been changing. There is more of an emphasis on extending the home living space into the backyard and making better use of whatever outdoor space is available, even what would be considered a “postage stamp” garden area. Larger backyards are also being broken up into outdoor rooms by designing the backyard into areas that have their own use or activity. These open rooms...

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Recession Gardening: Make use of Green Gardening Ideas

With the move to recession gardening to save money and the surge in gardening across the United States and other countries its time to take into consideration what you can grow in your backyard. You can also buy locally grown organic fruit and vegetables in which you know there have been less or no chemical used on the produce. photo credit: quinn.anya Another area that is often overlooked is looking in you own backyard for what’s green and...

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Green Gardening: Grow a Environmentally Friendly Green Garden

Green Gardening is the new “garden term.” But what does it really mean and why is green gardening important? And how does it differ from organic gardening? photo credit: The Shane H Gardening has a valuable purpose of supplying food and growing plants of all varieties help the environment. But gardening, even done properly, manipulates nature and changes the environment. If gardening is poorly planned it can cause erosion. Heavy...

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Homemade Plant Food – Organic Gardening

There are two suggestions here for homemade plant food. Homemade plant food is easier on the environment and your produce is safer to consume. With many gardeners practicing green gardening these plant foods are great, Plus the cost is easier on the budget. photo credit: pdugmore2001 1. A friend of mine uses this plant food recipe in his garden and says it is the best plant food there is. I haven’t tried it myself but he always has a...

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Making Paper Pots for Transplanting -Creative Garden Techniques

If you are transplanting seedlings or outdoor plants you can save money and practice environmental friendly techniques by making your own newspaper pots . They will hold up for quite some time. If you use them for transplanting seedlings and small plants into the soil they will break down rather quickly and just add to the soil. For environmental reasons, don’t use newspaper with colored ink. The ink leaches strong chemicals into the...

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