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Hydroponic Indoor Gardening

Have you ever thought about getting into hydroponic indoor gardening as a hobby or money making scheme? Below is a list of advantages to hydroponic indoor gardening when compared to traditional soil based gardening: 1. Once you have made your initial set-up costs, hydroponic gardening is around 20% less expensive to run. 2. You can plant more hydroponic plants in a smaller area. This is because the roots do not need to grow as large as they have...

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The Benefits of a Conservatory

by John Mills With continuing economic uncertainty foreign holidays are becoming more of a luxury than ever and families are looking for other ways to enjoy their summer. photo credit: chrisdlugosz Adding a conservatory to your home, in the long run, can save you money, increase the value of your property and provide you with a place to relax and enjoy the summer from your own home. The positive personal impact of gardening cannot be...

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Create an indoor Greenhouse

Indoor greenhouses offer the gardener a place to create a more climate-controlled area for plants. Whether this is for tropical plants, ailing plants or seedlings, or just for the fun of it; the indoor greenhouse will give you a new gardening experience. With use you will master how to grow successfully indoors. photo credit: di_the_huntress I have used the indoor greenhouse for all of the reason listed above and over the years it has become a...

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Build a Window Greenhouse

Window Greenhouses are becoming very popular and I must admit I have several. A window greenhouse will extend your growing season and makes it possible to have fresh greens, herbs and a few vegetables within walking distance. I also like a window greenhouse for starting certain seeds. You can decide to buy a window green house that sits indoors or is attached to the outside of the window and you access it from the inside. The greenhouse...

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Preparing your Greenhouse for spring planting

As spring approaches I know it’s time to sort my seeds from last year, order any new seeds and get the greenhouse open and ready to use. photo credit: wikked one Once the greenhouse ready for use I let it set for a week to warm up. I use solar heating so the water needs to warm and that takes about a week to take the chill out of any corners. It takes about two days to clean and organize the greenhouse. I use the following checklist Wipe...

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