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Planning uses for your Gourd Crop

As gardens wind down for this year the gardeners who grew gourds are looking at their crops and planning what to do with their harvest. The small ornamental gourds can be used for fall holiday decorating or dried and used for crafting. And the larger gourds will take anywhere from four months to a year to cure or dry. There are so many uses for the dried gourd. One of the most popular uses is the bottleneck birdhouse. Birds love gourds for homes...

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Straw Bale or hay bale compost pile

An easy way to compost and a way that will triple your compost pile is by using a straw bale or hay bale composting pile. It is easy to set up. You will need at least four bales. Six bales would be better and if you want a complete square you will want eight bales. Place the bales to form a “U” shape or square with an open center. Fill the center with old leaves, grass clippings, sawdust, and any other yard residue. You can add table scraps;...

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Growing the Perfect Gourd Crop

I find gourds to be an amazing and interesting crop to grow. Gourds can vary from the small decorative gourds most popular for fall decorations and to the dishrag gourds used for cleaning. And who can forget the larger gourds that are used for canteens or even tables or toy boxes.   photo credit: timlewisnm I have grown almost every variety of gourd there is and in my zone 5 climate this can be a challenge.  Many of the larger gourds can take...

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