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Heirloom Seeds: Vine Peach, a historical fruit for the garden

My garden always has several unique crops, usually heirloom seeds that were popular many years ago and that have a history. It adds fun to the garden to try these new crops plus sometimes you find a great crop that adds to your kitchen table or crafting projects. photo credit: Jonathan Shield Several years ago I heard of the “Vine Peach.” It’s a seed that is more difficult to find. Heirloom seed catalogs and specialty seed catalogs carry...

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How to Grow Peach Vine Fruit in your garden.

I heard rumors of a plant called the Peach Vine that was a fruit that you grew from seed in your garden. I wasn’t sure if this was true or a garden myth but if this plant existed I had to grow it in my garden! photo credit: wolfpix The search was on for more information and the seeds. I found the seeds in Burgess seed catalog and placed an order. The garden would have a new fun plant! Growing a new plant or crop is always an adventure....

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