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Important Tips on Using Herbs from Your Home Herb Garden

It is not easy to grow your own herb plants in your home garden because this requires  a lot of effort for the herbs to grow and flourish. But if you really take time to care for the herbs, they will give you a lot of advantages because they have so many uses. If you are planning to use the herbs, you should harvest them first but before doing so, you should consider the time you will harvest a certain herb. The weather at a certain place...

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Herbs and Summer Solstice in the garden

The longest day of summer, summer solstice, has also been referred to as “midsummer’s day.” This is the period in the summer where daylight is the longest during the year and the duration of night, the shortest. photo credit: gmoorenator The sun-worshiping ancients built Stonehenge to accurately identify this time. The celebration at Stonehenge has been documented in history and held great significance to the...

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Herb Gardening

Herb gardening will add a new look to gardening areas. But herbs seem to be misunderstood plants and are often overlooked. They are either grouped as a spice or as a weed. But herbs have many uses. photo credit: net_efekt They are beautiful plants that are hardy and easy to care for. They have crafting purposes, medicinal purposes, or culinary purposes. Their history goes back as far as records were kept and before. So when thinking about...

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Terrific, unusual and easy to grow herbs. Part Two

Herbs are probably one of my favorite things to grow. They are usually easy to take care of and have so many different uses. I plant them in all the gardens. They look just as nice in the vegetable gardens as in a cutting garden. Echinacea, Evening Primerose, Bee Balm, Saffron and Anise hyssop are five of the herbs I always have growing on the property somewhere and here are another terrific and unusual group of must have herbs that complete the...

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Terrific, unusual, uncommon and easy to grow herbs. Part One

There are many unusual herbs that are easy and fun to grow. They may have medicinal uses, crafting uses or be great for cutting flowers. What I like most about herbs is that they are usually very easy to care for and compliment other flowers so well. It’s that wild look they have that adds texture to the landscape.  photo credit: Alyzande Herb Tip: Make sure your soil is well drained if you want successful plants. 1. Echinacea: This...

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