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How to plan The First Time Garden

If you plan on gardening for the first time here are a few ideas to help make your garden experience fun and successful. My first tip and most important tip: “Keep it simple and keep it fun.” Too many people overplant their first year. Flowers and herbs are easier to grow than vegetables. Why? They have less insect problems, usually need less watering and you aren’t getting used to a harvesting schedule. But vegetables are not hard...

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Easily Grow Your Herbs Indoors

Guest writer: Palti Shipard Herbs are the leaves and flowers of low-growing woody plants that do not have a trunk, that have stems growing from the base. Examples of herbs are licorice, parsley, chives, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, dill and celery. Herbs can be used for a wide range of purposes ranging from culinary, medicinal, perfumery and other needs. Many herbs grow low and are aromatic, which can be dried or used to flavor foods. It...

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Create an Herb Wheel planter

An herb wheel planter is a unique way to grow an herb garden. It is also practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many herb gardens were grown in such a layout in years past. A wheel planter is essentially a type of a jardinière or container in which one grows plants. Herbs don’t need much space to grow well, which is an advantage for a small yard or garden area. And a wheel planter will use limited small growing spaces to their best...

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Herb Facts and How to Grow Herbs

Herbs grow as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees.  Yes, many people are not aware that some herbs are trees. Willow and Witch hazel are two examples. And what is a definition of an herb? Simply, it’s a plant with another use. Herbs are commonly used for flavoring, medicinally or for crafting. One thing that makes growing herbs easier than most plants is that very few diseases or insects attack herbs.  Sometimes in dry, hot weather red...

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Sticky: Herbal kitchen Garden Contest Rules

Herbs are one of the easiest gardens to grow and perfect for the new gardener. They are not bothered by insects as much as many plants and once established seem to take take of themselves. They are also perfect for the seasoned gardener.  After all with all those fresh vegetables you need fresh spices to compliment harvest. The following are the rules for the September Herbal Kitchen Garden Contest Win a Herbal Kitchen Garden Contest...

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