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How to Decorate Around an Outdoor Bench

by guest writer Chris Crawford An outdoor bench isn’t only for park use. It can be used indoors. They can be just as nice to sit in, as any upholstered sofa, patio chair, or armchair. When used indoors, a park bench becomes the center of attention, in the room that it’s in because of its iron frame and wooden body. It would be good to make the space around it seem to be just as full of bold character as the bench. You’ve wanted...

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Using Yard Art To Add Character To Your Yard

by Cindy Myers One way by which homeowners can express their creativity is by the use of yard art. photo credit: deb roby It is quite different from landscaping in that you also add other ornamentations in order to make your yard even more attractive and refreshing to other people. It is more of creating a ‘theme’ for your yard. Homeowners who engage in this may find it a very relaxing and very gratifying experience. They get to...

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Stone Landscaping – Adding a creative angle

by Andrew Caxton Locating the right stone During the process of building your home, the probability of finding suitable rocks and stones in the area is also great. It is also very much possible that you may come across rocks of considerable importance. photo credit: BurningQuestion In case of the premises being located in a rocky terrain, the prospects of unearthing rocks which could adorn the space is on the higher scale. Places to trade for...

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How to Use Vines in Your Garden for Almost Anything

by Laura Whitston A great, low maintenance way to decorate your garden is with the use of vines, since they look good on almost anything. If You’ve got a fence that stands out in your lush green garden, growing a vine over it can be a quick and beautiful solution. Depending on what look you want, there are many vines that can meet your needs. photo credit: DominusVobiscum Trying to find an alternative to grass? Ground vines are a great...

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