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Adventures in hydroponic gardening

I plan on doing a lot more indoor gardening this year. One reason is home grown food is healthier and my produce will have no chemicals and the other reason is our summer was pretty much non-existent and my garden was reduces in size to deal with the weather. So I am not burned out on gardening this year and there are areas I want to experiment in. One area is small space gardening techniques, growing a variety of plants in a small space to see...

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Why a Hydroponics Greenhouse is a Great Idea

Normally, when individuals decide to begin hydroponic gardening, they will set up a system wherever they have some additional space, such as the basement. Obviously, though, most folks aren’t interested in letting their hydroponic garden invade their homes! That’s why many individuals who are committed to hydroponics will look into purchasing or constructing a greenhouse. Growing your plants in a greenhouse is preferable in many ways...

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Hydroponics Gardening is Very Accessible Today

by Paul J. Easton Hydroponics is no longer a subject in mysterious form only known in the confines of a science laboratory. It is an established way of commercial agriculture feeding the world today. photo credit: joaoa Research on the nutritional requirements of plants and the hydroponics system were conducted since 1699 until today. By 1925, there were already practical applications of hydroponics established in the greenhouse industry. By...

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