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How to make a Decorative Cornhusk Wreath

An Indian corn wreath will add color to your porch or home. And in the fall it adds to the feel of fall harvest and thanksgiving. An Indian corn wreath is very easy to make and with proper care will last for years to come. When my brother raised pumpkins he also raised Indian corn for fall decorations. We had a corn husking party; bent the husks back and tied in bunches to dry. The barn was full of Indian corn hanging from the barn rafters to...

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How to Grow Indian corn and its uses

In most areas it’s too late to plant Indian corn but you may want to add this crop to your garden areas next year. Indian corn has been a favorite crop of mine to plant because of its used and its beauty. Indian corn, also called “Flint” corn, comes in many different colors. It is used primarily for ornamental purposes. But a few varieties are edible and some people buy Indian corn to grind up as flour. Popcorn is also another...

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Fall Decorating for your home and garden areas

There is still time to add a little color to your backyard for fall. And many of these decorations will last into the winter months with a little care and planning. Now in my zone 5 growing zone I have to bring plants into the entry and just leave dried arranged arrangements outdoors. With Thanksgiving approaching the addition of dried corn stalks, Indian corn, and pumpkins with give your yard, patio or porch area a festive look. The corn stalks...

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