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Potting Soil Tips for Container Gardening

Proper potting soil for the indoor gardens is one step that is often overlooked. But remember, you are providing a home for a plant and the soil need to be rich in nutrients and healthy. Many people use recycled soil, which is ok if you follow a few rules. Sterilize the soil to make sure it has no germs or bugs. Do this by placing it in the oven on low heat, 250 degrees, for an hour. Replenish nutrients that were used up in the soil. A mix of...

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Indoor Container gardening tips

Container gardening is becoming more important as a garden style every year. One reason is the ease in setting up a garden area. Another reason is this garden style will also work in apartments and small space garden areas. With winter approaching and gardening moving indoors here are three starter tips for creating your indoor container garden. 1.  Choosing the Proper Material for Your Garden Pots Garden pots are made from a variety of...

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