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How to Make Indoor Plant Soil

Garden soil is for sale most months of the year, even in my cold area, but I tend to repot a lot of plants and start cuttings or seeds so I make my own soil. You do need a certain mix for your indoor plants and indoor gardens. When you use garden soil indoors it tends to turn hard. Houseplants can’t thrive in cement-like soil. They need sufficient drainage and aeration. Tough soil will also tends to stunt the plants roots. Houseplants also...

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Potting Soil Tips for Container Gardening

Proper potting soil for the indoor gardens is one step that is often overlooked. But remember, you are providing a home for a plant and the soil need to be rich in nutrients and healthy. Many people use recycled soil, which is ok if you follow a few rules. Sterilize the soil to make sure it has no germs or bugs. Do this by placing it in the oven on low heat, 250 degrees, for an hour. Replenish nutrients that were used up in the soil. A mix of...

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Selecting plants for the indoor container garden

What makes an indoor container garden successful? Enjoyment for the family, healthy plants and ease of care are my top concerns. By now if you have started to set up an indoor growing area you have picked out planters and selected an area in the home with proper lighting. Your next steps should be, selecting plants. Know your plants that you are planning to grow. Is your indoor garden herbs, edibles, flowers or a mix? If you select a picky high...

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Plants to Grow and Plant in the Fall

This is my favorite time for finding great deals on plants. With fall setting in and many gardeners’ harvesting crops and preparing for colder weather plants go on sale. Geraniums were on sale yesterday so I bought ten. They need some tender loving care but they will blossom in the house until January and at that time I will take 5 of the plants and start new plants for the spring. (I should be able to get 20 starts from each plant.) And I...

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How to grow an indoor Herb Garden

It’s the time of year, mid august when I start thinking of growing herbs indoors and starting perennial herbs for next year. I enjoy fresh herbs all year long and herbs add to a home and give it that oasis feeling, which I need in the winter when snow is piling up. The following you tube shows how to grow an indoor herb garden. A terrarium herb garden is also an option. It takes very little space and adds a focal point to any room. I also...

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