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The Properly Dressed Garden – Organic Pest Control Tip

I love growing cabbage; cauliflower and broccoli but the bugs that like these plants drive me crazy! I found a simple solution and it entertains the neighbors at the same time! I hit the 50-cent bag sales in the spring and look for pantyhose. (These also make great ties for attaching plants to garden stakes) When the plants are small just put a leg of the pantyhose over the young plants. The cabbage moths cannot lay eggs on the hose and they...

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Fall Gardening – Clean up for Organic Pest Control

Most people are finishing up with their gardens and winterizing their garden sites in October. The lucky ones are starting their gardens and others are making plans for winter gardens. Whichever stage you are in , one thing is a given. There is a certain amount of clean up that needs to be done and will benefit the health of your garden area. By leaving behind stems and old plants you make a safe haven for insects to overwinter or leave behind...

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