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Create a Winter or Spring Lasagna Garden

Yes, you can set up a lasagna garden in the winter or spring and have it ready for planting. Truthfully it will break down better if started in the fall but you may not know you want a garden. I have even known a few people that create the layered garden that day and plant it immediately. When starting a lasagna garden late in the winter or spring you will use the same process as a fall garden. But I add a few “cheating methods” to help it...

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Prepare your Garden beds in the Fall

This is one of the best times to prepare a new garden bed or put to rest areas of your garden that may be done for the season. By preparing your garden bed now, you will be ready for an early spring or that first crop of spring peas. I don’t know about you, but digging the garden bed in April is challenging here. It’s either to wet or too cold. So the “prepared bed” solves this problem. If you’re putting to “rest” a section of...

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Fall Lasagna Gardening

For a fast fall garden the lasagna garden may be the garden style that will fit your plan the easiest and produce a small and fast garden area. With a lasagna garden you can use an area of the yard that would normally be difficult to till or prepare the soil to grow great plants. This can be a grassed-over area of your yard, a rocky spot where nothing will grow or an area where the soil is too difficult to turn over. Lasagna gardening is also...

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Recession Garden Plan for $20

I recently decided to put in my garden for the family for Twenty dollars in cost this year. It’s easy to get carried away with garden gadgets, tools and soil mixes. And with many people creating their first garden I thought this was the time to see about putting in a garden at a reasonable cost. Many gardens can cost between $50 to 100 to create. photo credit: iLoveButter So I saw an ad in the newspaper for garden seeds on sale at the local...

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Green Gardening: Grow a Environmentally Friendly Green Garden

Green Gardening is the new “garden term.” But what does it really mean and why is green gardening important? And how does it differ from organic gardening? photo credit: The Shane H Gardening has a valuable purpose of supplying food and growing plants of all varieties help the environment. But gardening, even done properly, manipulates nature and changes the environment. If gardening is poorly planned it can cause erosion. Heavy...

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