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Selecting plants for the indoor container garden

What makes an indoor container garden successful? Enjoyment for the family, healthy plants and ease of care are my top concerns. By now if you have started to set up an indoor growing area you have picked out planters and selected an area in the home with proper lighting. Your next steps should be, selecting plants. Know your plants that you are planning to grow. Is your indoor garden herbs, edibles, flowers or a mix? If you select a picky high...

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Houseplants for all lighting conditions

Many people grow houseplants in the winter months as a way to brighten the home and to keep the feel of gardening alive. In my home houseplants are difficult to grow and I have had many people ask questions so here is a you tube about houseplants and a few varieties that are very hardy. And the plant selections are plants that add color to a home and in the winter that is important. What I like about the selection of plants they talk about on...

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