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Seed Starting – Milk Jug Hot House Gardening Tip

At this time of year many people are starting seeds for the new gardening season. And there has always been a decision on whether to start your own seedling for the garden or to buy transplants. photo credit: Maria Keays There are three answers to that question. One is the experience you have in starting seeds. Do you have the right soil, lighting and know where to look for information on how to grow strong healthy plants.  The second is cost...

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My Homemade Solar Heated Greenhouse

The solar heated greenhouse is up and running. It’s not totally solar heated but I get enough heat with my creative heating techniques to get my vegetables and perennials going and with a few more tricks I heat the greenhouse in mini climate area areas until the temperatures become more consistent in NW PA. With the price of heating it pays to experiment. photo credit: quinn.anya Today I started my tomato and pepper plants. Normally you...

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