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Gardening and Garden Art

Most people consider gardening to be the traditional vegetable garden but there are all forms of gardens and gardening. And as you garden more you begin to enjoy a wider variety of gardens and often move into different garden styles and incorporate more garden art into the yard, gardens, patio and home and garden areas. This you tube uses garden art made of found pieces. Garden art can be found or created. It adds personality and interest to...

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Fall Gardening – Watching Wildlife – Roger Tory Peterson Nature Center

When  fall is fading and winter is approaching in NW Pa., I begin to notice the shrubs, trees and lay of the land that is often covered by lush growth and activity in the spring and summer. And at this time of year, in early spring,  the land is still apparent. But only for another week or so. Living by a large creek and swamp and being only a few miles away from The Roger Tory Peterson Nature Center my thoughts wander back to the food supply...

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