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Create a Winter or Spring Lasagna Garden

Yes, you can set up a lasagna garden in the winter or spring and have it ready for planting. Truthfully it will break down better if started in the fall but you may not know you want a garden. I have even known a few people that create the layered garden that day and plant it immediately. When starting a lasagna garden late in the winter or spring you will use the same process as a fall garden. But I add a few “cheating methods” to help it...

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Green Gardening: Grow a Environmentally Friendly Green Garden

Green Gardening is the new “garden term.” But what does it really mean and why is green gardening important? And how does it differ from organic gardening? photo credit: The Shane H Gardening has a valuable purpose of supplying food and growing plants of all varieties help the environment. But gardening, even done properly, manipulates nature and changes the environment. If gardening is poorly planned it can cause erosion. Heavy...

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