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The Blue Dendrobium Orchid:Colorful and Rich in History

It’s rather surprising how the desirability of the blue dendrobium orchid is increasing at such a fast pace. On the other hand, maybe it is not so surprising. It forms attractive and long-lasting blooms in vivid tones of blue and is a stunning addition to any floral display. It’s also a popular choice of lots of orchid growers, and it is remarkable to note that this lovely blossom is turning into a highly stylish house plant as...

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Growing Orchids Indoors – 3 Important Tips To Help Your Orchids Flourish

by John Jay Amarant Orchids are one of the most beautiful plants in the world and it is upsetting if they are not flourishing in your care. photo credit: travlinman43 Below are three important areas of care for your orchid. Following these will not guarantee you perfect blooms, but it will keep your plant healthy so you can work on getting the flowers next. 1. Orchids And Water – It is very easy to over water an orchid, and your orchid...

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