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Choosing The Best Plants For Your Garden

Guest writer:  Pamela Kazmierczak Many times we buy plants on impulse then find there is nowhere in the garden that really suits them. Before buying plants carefully examine your garden to see how much sun and shade it gets, whether the soil is well drained or waterlogged and whether your aspect is sheltered or windswept. You’ll then be equipped to go and buy the best plants for your situation; shade-loving plants for the sheltered areas,...

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How to Decorate Around an Outdoor Bench

by guest writer Chris Crawford An outdoor bench isn’t only for park use. It can be used indoors. They can be just as nice to sit in, as any upholstered sofa, patio chair, or armchair. When used indoors, a park bench becomes the center of attention, in the room that it’s in because of its iron frame and wooden body. It would be good to make the space around it seem to be just as full of bold character as the bench. You’ve wanted...

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Effective Gardens Maintenance Can Save Time

Many gardeners get very upset by the large amount of time spent on gardens maintenance, but they should rather work more cleverly than harder. Each season brings its own tasks and this should be done timely. Raking leaves in Autumn is a very good example of this, as gardeners spend days trying to get rid of all the fallen leaves. Your best option is to let the tree drop all of its leaves before you start clearing them up. Rather enjoy the...

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