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The Proven Ability Of Peonies To Sleep Through Severe Winters

by guest writer Thomas Fryd September finally arrives after a normal hot, dry August when we did not care much whether school kept or not. But now September is as welcome as April in the spring. Showers, cool nights, shorter days and reviving nature get under the gardener’s skin. Digging, dividing, planting, weeding – all become less of a drudgery and more of a pleasure. With a hitch in our belts and new faith in our hearts we plan...

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How to Grow Canterbury Bell Flowers

I have been dividing and starting perennials from seed this week. Its a great time to work on collecting new flowers for the following year. By starting perennials from seed in the fall you will have plants that are ready to bloom next year. The plants will be small with only a years growth but they will have flowers – if you start them in the fall. And if you start them early enough (4 to 6 weeks) before frost they will have started to...

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Frugal Gardening. Save Money on fall plants

Late summer or early fall is a wonderful time for buying annual and perennial flowers. photo credit: SearchNetMedia I spent $10 today and came home with an entire car full of plants. I picked up 17 different varieties of annuals and several annuals can be over-wintered. I also have 6 varieties of perennials and 8 varieties of herbs. Annual flowers are almost out of season so garden centers offer discount prices. The flowers may be stunted...

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