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Rainy Day Gardening Ideas

It’s another rainy day but the call of soil and planting is calling. If your spring has been a cool and wet as mine you have the urge to be digging in the dirt. But for me the soil is too wet for any gardening so its time for rainy day gardening activities. Rainy day gardening ideas I cleaned my containers for the patio and made sure they were ready for the new small space garden area. One planter is cracked but I want to make several...

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Perennial Gardening Business: Free Plants

At this time last year I decided to start a perennial gardening business. I wanted to make better use of my backyard plus I am plant addicted and feel you really can’t have enough plants. photo credit: cliff1066 During the summer I collected plants and in the fall I set up a starter garden for the perennials. Theses were for the plants I bought, found or traded for. I divided the perennials that you divide in the fall and covered the soil...

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