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Growing Primroses Indoors as Houseplants

Primroses, an outdoor perennial,  can be grown indoors as houseplants if you provide the right climate. These plants remind me of African Violets with their likes and growing conditions. I find that mixing the two plants in their own growing climate works well. The Primrose (primula) likes a growing climate with cool night temperatures of 50-60° F. It also likes filtered sun and moist soil. Daytime temperatures must not exceed 80 degrees. My...

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How to Grow Canterbury Bell Flowers

I have been dividing and starting perennials from seed this week. Its a great time to work on collecting new flowers for the following year. By starting perennials from seed in the fall you will have plants that are ready to bloom next year. The plants will be small with only a years growth but they will have flowers – if you start them in the fall. And if you start them early enough (4 to 6 weeks) before frost they will have started to...

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Gardening project tips for August

The vegetable garden is demanding time with daily harvesting of crops. Cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, and peppers should be picked as soon as the fruits are ready. This not only captures the best flavor, but it also makes way for new fruits. It’s also best to harvest crops in the morning or evening when the sun is not as bright and hot. You will find the vegetables will stay crisper in picked when the heat is not as...

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Divide your Perennials to create free plants

Spring is the perfect time for dividing and re-potting perennials. I have two gardens I am removing and several new gardens I am adding. So I need more plants and different varieties. Since the weather is still unstable (It’s actually nicer than normal, but I am a zone 5 so it’s a cool climate) I am just digging up one of the perennial gardens, diving the plants and re-potting them. They will be re-potted and stored in a mini greenhouse...

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Plant Hostas from seed

I enjoy the look of Hosta plants. They are easy to care for and work well in those shady areas that you’re not really sure what to with. And with Hostas you have a wide variety of color variations and sizes in the plants. They look wonderful alone or as accents for other perennials and annuals. The Hosta is a perennial that can be divided to create more plants or started from seed. Hosta seeds are actually very easy to start from seed and an...

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