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How to Treat Plant Diseases Organically

During the dog days of summer plant disease tend to thrive. With a little care and watching your plants you should be able to cure any disease that could damage or kill vegetables, fruits or landscape plants. Any plant can fall victim to some type of plant disease. But before you resort to drastic measures or harsh chemicals, try a few forms of organic treatments. Organic gardening and landscape methods are easier and safer for the environment...

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Garden Challenges: Plant Diseases

Everyone I talk to this year is battling strange summer weather conditions. It may be a drought, too much rain or cold weather. Weather that is abnormal or constantly changes will make for poor crops and plant diseases. photo credit: aresauburn™ Rainfall every other day creates the perfect setup for foliar fungal diseases on vegetables. Many fungal diseases thrive and spread in a humid climate where plants stay wet for long periods of time....

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