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How Did your Garden Grow?

How did your garden season turn out? Here in NW Pa the rain and cold ended many crops early and quite a few people just turned the gardens under and will plan for a more successful garden next season. photo credit: kanegen I moved most of my gardens under glass or used raised beds so my crops lived. They didn’t have as large of crops as usual but there were fresh vegetables. And there are very few apples in the area this year. I have many...

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Hay Bale Square Garden Technique

Hay Bale Square Garden Technique In my garden adventures with hay bale ad straw bale gardening I have tried several different gardening techniques. While I like growing melons and gourds in the bales both are heavy feeder so I created a hay bale/ straw bale square garden technique to use with these crops. photo credit: JBColorado Use four bales, hay or straw. Each bale type has its strong points. Lay the bales out to form a square with an open...

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Hay Bale Gardening Techniques

There has been a recent move in gardening to plant in hay bales. I have used bales on and off for about 10 years. One year when I was having trouble getting my garden tilled I heard that some people used hay bales to plant in and being one to try the new and unusual decided I should give it a try. And to my surprise the bales were a success and they had a unique look. photo credit: Valerie Everett I prefer straw bales as they contain less seed...

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Square Foot Gardening Benefits

I read about Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening many years ago and thought the planting process was interesting so of course I had to give it a try. Quite a few of the planting principles were ones I had picked up on my own Mel’s process was just more involved and planned out. I particularly liked growing squash and tomatoes vertical, as this is what took up most of my space. My first gardens were very successful although it took a bit...

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Garden Planning, Build a Rockwall Planter

My house sits in a hill and has a very unique and challenging front yard with rolling slopes. It’s beautiful when its mowed and the gardens are flowering. photo credit: bobrpics Another challenge is added where the house sits into the hill and I have to try to create easier landscaping and mowing. What I did on the north side of the house was to dig more of the hill away and put in a rock wall and a tiered garden above that. I no longer...

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