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Win free seeds at The Gardener’s Rake garden contest.

With the trend towards “going green”, recession or victory gardens and the economy The Gardeners Rake will be doing its part to encourage gardening with a Win Free Seed’s contest. Whether you are a new gardener or a seasoned gardener come join in the fun. There are three contests. 1.    Write a mini story on a gardening experience. No, it does not need to be long. This story could be a gardening tip that saves time or money, a...

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Winter Recession Garden: Indoor Composting

The start of the Winter Recession Garden is under way and I am pleased so far.  I have my pots washed, sterilized and I added sterilized soil to more small terra cotta pots.  I already have lettuce, spinach, onions and garlic growing. And I have a cherry tomato plant hanging plant and strawberry hanging plant already growing and producing. My next step is to add a few more vegetables and a few herbs. I have pots ready and I will grow these in...

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Recession Gardening: Storing Garden Produce

With the Obamas’ Kitchen Garden in Washington D.C and Recession Gardens being grown in all 50 states of America and overseas, the decision of how to store any produce is an important decision. photo credit: Tavallai There are several methods of preserving food, which include drying, freezing and canning. Home canning will be covered in this article. Home canning used to be a yearly event in most homes. But with changes in our society...

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Recession Gardening: Create a City Garden Retreat

Many town and city dwellers are adding a small space garden retreat to their homes and apartments. photo credit: Mike Raybourne They have realized that fresh vegetables, fragrant flowers and savory herbs are possible to grow, even in the smallest of spaces. A tiny urban plot, a balcony, sunny windowsill, or even by using a community garden, they can grow fresh chemical free produce. Gardening Tips for setting up a small Urban Garden Evaluate...

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Straw Bale Gardening: Potatoes

My gardening season is just beginning but for many of you the season has been underway. I am finalizing my recession garden plans and moving onto my square foot garden designs. photo credit: Mike Licht, The one thing I like about square foot gardening is that you can always add a garden later in the season if you find you have more plants to plant or want to add an additional mini garden. This season a have a small curved...

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