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The Rose and its meaning.

The rose is a favorite of many gardeners and has a rich history, both in plant culture and garden lore. Varieties include rose bushes, vines, and indoor miniature rose plants. The rose is perhaps the most commonly known romantic flower. Its ability to be used as a cut flower and last for a week or more also adds to it being used in floral shops and cutting garden businesses. But did you know roses are also edible? According to Linda Stradley,...

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May – A Time For Iris And Peony

by Keith Markensen May is iris and peony time throughout our section. The real work has already been done on these two and the results indicate just how thorough we were. The main thing now is to provide plenty of water through the flowering season, to produce top quality bloom. Each iris plant should have a feeding of one cupful of balanced fertilizer but it should be kept well away from the plant. It will be wise to note the ones that should...

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