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How to start a successful rose cutting

Roses are many gardeners’ favorite flowers. It has taken a bit for me to grow a good rose but with time and killing a few bushes I have a nice rose garden. One rose I have always wanted is a rose that grew at the farm where I grew up. It’s been there so long no one know what variety it is but it is an old fashioned heirloom rose. It’s so delicate and the fragrance is unbelievable! So I have taken a few cutting from the bush and plan to...

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Roses – How to grow Miniature Roses.

Miniature roses are becoming quite popular. It gives people a chance to have roses that may not have a garden spot or to enjoy them in the house year round. They are perfect for  a small space garden area. Miniature roses are better suited to growing in pots or container gardening than growing in the ground, although I have seen them planted outdoors successfully. Outdoors they need to be specialty plants so that they do not get lost in all the...

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Roses, one of gardeners favorite flowers

Roses have a history that flows through time. You will notice there are very few gardens or yards that do not have a rose bush. I have a few and I am just moving into the miniature roses. I grow most plants successfully but the rose is a challenge. Mine live but do not thrive. I think its time I conquer the rose. photo credit: slgckgc Growing up we had what would be called a wild rose or heirloom. They are known for their fragrance.  It was a...

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