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Landscape Boundaries And Partitions for the garden areas

by guest writer: Kent Higgins Shrubs are used in four broad ways: 1.  For boundaries. 2.  For partitions and backgrounds 3.  For specimens and 4.  For foundation plantings. We have discussed these uses of shrubs and the characteristics demanded by each use. Even at the risk of repetition, further discussion with the particular plans in mind may be helpful. Boundaries Boundary plantings are used to give privacy and to screen from view any...

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How to plant a shrub

When selecting a new shrub for your yard you should consider several things. Growing conditions, height, width and insect problems are only few concerns. For more selection tips check out Planting shrubs and trees: time saving tips After you have selected the right shrub for your yard you will want to pick a site in your yard or garden area that meets the shrub’s climate and space requirements. For example, planting a sun lover like...

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Planting shrubs and trees: Time saving tip

One of the biggest time savers for care of your shrubs, trees and perennials is to save their information. Just because you know the shrub is a Barberry “Rose Glow” does not mean your family does. If you have someone help you in your yard or sell the house later, all the information you know about this shrub may not be known by who ever is tending your plants and the plant may suffer or die from improper care. Its wise and only takes a few...

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