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Garden Decor – Decorate your Old Wood Fence

An old fence in a backyard is helpful for privacy but the wall can be rather bare and boring. Its possible to take that old fence and easily turn it into a conversation piece. The birdhouse idea is one I would use but I would add a few vining plants with the houses to add interest and flowing lines. The following you tube show how easy and fast a wall can be decorated. Birdhouse can be picked up at sales for a dollar or so. They can also be...

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Herbal Tea Gardens for indoors or outdoors

Tea gardens add character, color and a plentiful supply of herbs for creating your own tea blends. I have also found tea gardens to be one of the easiest gardens to add your own flair or personality to. photo credit: net_efekt Another benefit of a tea garden is that it takes a very small amount of space. A 6-foot by 8-foot garden is actually quite big. If you have less space you can make it smaller. And if you only have indoor space available,...

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Small Space Patio Garden

Many yards or patios do not have room for a large garden area, but there is a relaxing feeling to plants and a garden so even a mini plant corner is a great addition to any backyard or home. This you tube video sets up a garden display or vignette for a patio area but it could be used on a balcony, in an apartment or in a backyard tucked in a corner or as a small accent garden. I could see this garden, which is mainly a container garden, having...

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