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How to plan The First Time Garden

If you plan on gardening for the first time here are a few ideas to help make your garden experience fun and successful. My first tip and most important tip: “Keep it simple and keep it fun.” Too many people overplant their first year. Flowers and herbs are easier to grow than vegetables. Why? They have less insect problems, usually need less watering and you aren’t getting used to a harvesting schedule. But vegetables are not hard...

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Create an Herb Wheel planter

An herb wheel planter is a unique way to grow an herb garden. It is also practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many herb gardens were grown in such a layout in years past. A wheel planter is essentially a type of a jardinière or container in which one grows plants. Herbs don’t need much space to grow well, which is an advantage for a small yard or garden area. And a wheel planter will use limited small growing spaces to their best...

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Successful Urban gardening in the front yard

Many people have decided to raise a garden is small space or an urban setting. The reasoning for this is better quality food, going green and helping our environment and saving money. Creating a garden in urban areas can tend to be a challenge due to lack of space. But with proper planning its amazing what you can grow in small spaces. You will find that many gardeners have become quite creative in making use on any available space. Those who...

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Three Garden Trends for 2010

Each year there are trends in gardening. Sometimes the changes are small other times watch out, it’s a totally new look for the garden and yard. The trend this year is more towards the environment. Here are three  garden trends for 2010 1.  Main Street is in. Wall Street is out. There’s a shift of priorities between balancing practicality with comfort and fulfillment. You will see more interaction in neighborhoods with a shift back to...

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Garden Planning for January using Small Space Gardening and Recession Gardening

As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, I look more to garden planning for the next year. In my Zone 5 climate gardening is usually in the planning only stage in December and January.  But this year will be different. For 2010 recession gardening and perennial gardening will become a more important part of my garden plans. Community gardening has always been an interest to me and recently Recession Gardens their benefits for our health, environment and...

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