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How to Grow an Aerial Theme Garden

The fun of gardening is to create unusual or unique gardens for your backyard or garden area. One such garden, a theme garden, is an Aerial Garden. An Aerial Garden is a garden that is suspended or elevated in the air. These gardens make use of unused space in rooms or patios, are great for small space gardening and can be used as a room divider or to create privacy. photo credit: sarcozona I used a pre-made garden arbor for my Aerial garden....

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Indoor Plants – The Staghorn Fern and its care.

The first time I saw a Staghorn fern I was amazed! It was a unique looking plant and to grow on a piece of bark? The fern fronds were fuzzy and resembled stag antlers. I had to find out a little more about this plant and add it to my collection. photo credit: Zesmerelda The Staghorn is a fern from the Platycerium genus. There are 18 fern species in the Polypod family. Ferns in this genus are widely known as Staghorn or Elkhorn fern because of...

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