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The Gardener’s Rake Rant

I spent the better part of the day cleaning pots and preparing for starting new vegetables, perennial plants and plant cuttings. I started my last planting of cucumbers, started more fresh garden greens and plan to save tomato plants for the next year. By removing parts of the tomato plant where they have formed roots you can replant them and grow them indoors. And in the spring you can use these plants to create more plants. I don’t do this...

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Scarification and Stratification techniques

There are certain seeds that benefit from scarification or stratification. There seeds are usually perennials, shrubs or trees. If you’re not familiar with the terms the definitions are below. Scarification The germination of some seeds is greatly improved or is only achieved with indoor gardening by Scarification. This is a process where you rub the seeds lightly between two sheets of sandpaper. What this does is enables the moisture in the...

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Plant Hostas from seed

I enjoy the look of Hosta plants. They are easy to care for and work well in those shady areas that you’re not really sure what to with. And with Hostas you have a wide variety of color variations and sizes in the plants. They look wonderful alone or as accents for other perennials and annuals. The Hosta is a perennial that can be divided to create more plants or started from seed. Hosta seeds are actually very easy to start from seed and an...

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The Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

A two liter clear pop bottle will make a quick, inexpensive greenhouse, perfect for starting a few seeds or propagating a plant cutting. I really like these for cuttings. They create a perfect starting climate for cuttings. Start the project by using a clean two liter pop bottle. Use a serrated knife and cut near the bottom of the bottle. Most plastic bottles have a clear line about two inches from the bottom, where the straight sides begin to...

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How to Grow Cotton Indoors

It’s fun to grow different plants, particularly plants that people don’t expect to see growing in your yard or home. So when a friend offered me cotton seeds I couldn’t turn them down. I received 12 white cotton seeds and 12 pastel cotton seeds. Now living in my zone 5 climate these plants need to be planted indoors. photo credit: cliff1066 Once started the cotton plant is not that hard to care for. I started my seeds in four-inch...

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