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Lasagna Garden/Straw Bale Garden Plan

Every year I promise myself not to have too many gardens and every year I push that promise. There is no doubt I am garden addicted. This year I have three gardens and I know there will be containers scattered about the yard. But over all this is not a bad number of gardens, for me. photo credit: 【╠╣♥ŃEҰ】 My largest garden is 25 foot by 30 foot and is set up to be as easy of a garden to maintain as possible. This is my Lasagna...

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Hay Bale Square Garden Technique

Hay Bale Square Garden Technique In my garden adventures with hay bale ad straw bale gardening I have tried several different gardening techniques. While I like growing melons and gourds in the bales both are heavy feeder so I created a hay bale/ straw bale square garden technique to use with these crops. photo credit: JBColorado Use four bales, hay or straw. Each bale type has its strong points. Lay the bales out to form a square with an open...

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Raised Bed Garden – Straw Bale Gardening

Straw bale gardening will add ease and creative organic gardening techniques to your gardening and backyard. photo credit: Yogi I have been a gardener since the age of twelve. When I was a photographer and moved from city to city as fast as I could pack a suitcase I had to give it up. After I returned to my hometown I started to play in the dirt again and experiment. To me gardening is an experiment and fun. The day it stops being fun is the...

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