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Straw Bale Gardening under Glass

A Straw bale garden under glass? photo credit: cotaro70s Our summer weather has been a disaster. Rain and cold is the definition of most days and I don’t have to tell you that doesn’t do any favor for the gardens. When I noticed this trend didn’t seem to want to change, I covered most of my gardens with plastic or glass. I wondered at the time if I was over-reacting but from the results of my gardens and the neighboring gardens I think I...

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Lasagna Garden/Straw Bale Garden Plan

Every year I promise myself not to have too many gardens and every year I push that promise. There is no doubt I am garden addicted. This year I have three gardens and I know there will be containers scattered about the yard. But over all this is not a bad number of gardens, for me. photo credit: 【╠╣♥ŃEҰ】 My largest garden is 25 foot by 30 foot and is set up to be as easy of a garden to maintain as possible. This is my Lasagna...

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Straw Bale Gardening: Potatoes

My gardening season is just beginning but for many of you the season has been underway. I am finalizing my recession garden plans and moving onto my square foot garden designs. photo credit: Mike Licht, The one thing I like about square foot gardening is that you can always add a garden later in the season if you find you have more plants to plant or want to add an additional mini garden. This season a have a small curved...

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Straw Bale Gardening: pre-season

It’s that time of year when I try to push the gardening limits with winter ending and spring starting. The greenhouse is getting final cleaning to prepare it for the real season that will begin soon. And hot houses and cold frames will appear in the backyard. Living in a zone 5 climate you learn to push your growing season. photo credit: forestgladesiwander As I was gathering up my materials for a Straw Bale Cold Frame I was also thinking of...

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Hay Bale Gardening – No dig garden method

One year I heard about planting in rectangular hay bales and of course I had to give it a try! The reasoning for planting in hay was that it was like a raised garden and you could plant earlier with less work and no digging. The No Dig method is considered to be better for soil structure. photo credit: JBColorado I read that you needed to start with transplants. They suggested wetting the bale down very well a couple of times a day for several...

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