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The Gardeners Rake: Garden Plans for 2010

Each year is a new experience in gardening and garden planning is one area that helps shape and define you garden and backyard. In 2010 The Gardener’s Rake will emphasis more Do It Yourself ideas for gardening and backyards. Garden businesses and money saving gardening ideas are also top considerations for this site. How to start a perennial gardening business has been covered before but a more detailed plan and blogging results will follow....

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Making Garden Art and patio pieces from old items

I love junking, dumpster diving or heading to the auction looking for pieces I can turn into art and garden items. It adds fun to the backyard and what you create ofter turns into a focal point for the entire backyard.  photo credit: Valerie Everett Last Friday I went to the auction. I picked up a vintage window, which I removed the old glass from. It’s the type of windows with the small panes. I will keep the old bubbled glass for fused...

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