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Small Space Moveable Garden

Do you need a small moveable garden? How about one that catches attention and adds to a yard? Today I saw the cutest salad garden created in a child’s red wagon. I stopped to talk to the owner and they had an old wagon that wasn’t being used and with fall and the end of gardening season almost here they decided on a fast small pace garden that could be moved from the cold if need be. The mini salad garden contained a variety of greens...

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Create an Irish Theme garden

Ireland has lush gardens that cover acres with thousands of plants. We all cannot have such large gardens but you could create a “Touch of Irish” with a mini theme garden or a few additions to your backyard or garden areas. Simple additions of statuary, seating benches and plants common to the Emerald Isle will create an Irish atmosphere. Use these easy tips to bring an Irish touch to your garden. Create a stone or gravel walkway around the...

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Create a New Year’s Resolution Theme Garden

It’s the beginning of a new year and a perfect time for garden planning. I just read about a theme garden called the “New Years Resolution” Garden. Most people have read that gardening benefits the mind, body and soul. So the purpose of the Resolution Garden is to inspire positive changes in nearly every area of one’s life. A New Year’s Resolution Garden will bring your family closer together while helping you relax,...

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Create a Harry Potter Theme Garden.

Harry Potter books and movies have been a huge success around the world. And with the newest movie about to be released on July 17th, 2009, a Harry Potter theme garden might be a perfect addition to your garden. This could also encourage your children to take an interest in gardening. photo credit: tinyfroglet Creating a Harry Potter theme garden will depend on your growing climate, plants available and a little creativity on your...

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Herbal Tea Gardens for indoors or outdoors

Tea gardens add character, color and a plentiful supply of herbs for creating your own tea blends. I have also found tea gardens to be one of the easiest gardens to add your own flair or personality to. photo credit: net_efekt Another benefit of a tea garden is that it takes a very small amount of space. A 6-foot by 8-foot garden is actually quite big. If you have less space you can make it smaller. And if you only have indoor space available,...

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