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Tomato Blight information and tips

Tomatoes are one of gardener’s favorite crops to grow.  And unfortunately they tend to be one of the most difficult crops. They need warm temperatures at night and even moisture. So if you have a “moody” summer, that means dry spells, wet spells and varying temperatures your tomatoes may suffer. Two ways that your tomatoes suffer are with more insect problems. These can be controlled if you watch the plants and remove insects...

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Homemade Aluminum Window Hothouse

They say the tomato is America’s favorite vegetable (some call it a fruit). And I have to admit the tomato is a favorite of mine, particularly the heirloom varieties. But in my zone 5 climate I need to start my tomatoes indoors and early so that the plant will be ready to produce as early as possible. I have learned tricks to accomplish this over many years. I start my tomatoes indoor early then transplant them into homemade hot houses. By...

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