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Why Prune Tomato Plants

Some people prune tomato plants and some just let them grow wild. So why might you want to prune your tomato plants? For larger tomatoes If you prune the plants more growth will go into the tomato and not vine production. When growing tomatoes vertical or in hanging baskets Plants can become heavy so when growing them vertical on a trellis, tomato cage or in a hanging basket you may want to prune them to lighten the plant and weight. Grandpa...

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Homemade Aluminum Window Hothouse

They say the tomato is America’s favorite vegetable (some call it a fruit). And I have to admit the tomato is a favorite of mine, particularly the heirloom varieties. But in my zone 5 climate I need to start my tomatoes indoors and early so that the plant will be ready to produce as early as possible. I have learned tricks to accomplish this over many years. I start my tomatoes indoor early then transplant them into homemade hot houses. By...

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Tomatillo and Tomato problems

I have had several people asking about tomato and tomatillo crop problems. photo credit: sleepyneko Most problems seem to be relating back to the weather. Many places have had irregular weather, either too hot and dry or cold nights. Without seeing a photo I can only guess but here are a few of the more common tomatillo growing problems. 1. If few flowers are forming on your tomatillo plants or the flowers drop before setting fruit, possible...

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